This map shows the Sacramento-Placerville Transportation Corridor’s 28 mile segment through El Dorado County from Latrobe Rd. on the west end to Camino on the east side. The existing Class 1 bicycle paths are shown along with the natural trails and the proposed trails.

View the INTERACTIVE GOOGLE MAP of existing trail.    TRAIL MAP – PLACERVILLE TO CAMINO  View more maps HERE




1)      Missouri Flat Road (Placerville) – Just past Walmart on the left next to Sierra Door & Supply.  Parking in Sierra Door & Supply’s parking area is illegal.  If the parking lot is full, please park at Walmart.  The businesses on the same side of the street near the trail also allow parking in designated areas.  Please respect our businesses parking area and walk the few extra feet – we’re out there to exercise anyway!

2)      The Bus Station on Mosquito Rd (Placerville) – exit the Broadway exit.  Heading east, turn right and go back under the freeway.  There is paved and dirt parking presently available.

3)      Camelia Lane in Placerville.  This is also referred to as the Jacquier Parking. Exit Point View Drive and go north, continuing on Jacquier Road (the main road.) You will see the sign for the El Dorado Trail on your right at the corner of Jacquier Road and Camelia Lane.