The Shingle Plan Compromise was passed by the Board of Supervisors on March 28,2011. The plan settles the SPTC corridor issue and allow for two distinct sections that can be built out immediately.

Shingle Springs East to Missouri Flat Road

  • It will include the El Dorado Train Park and an extended rail section to the town of Shingle Springs. In this section the El Dorado Trail development will be adjacent to the rails within the corridor boundaries. The development of this section has started in the in the Train Park near El Dorado.

Shingle Springs West to the Western County Line

  • A class I trail will be built on the rail bed and the tracks will be removed here. A complete trail system can be built here with the class I down the middle and a set of soft trails on either side.

Residual Value

  • When the tracks are removed, a contractor would be paid to recycle the rails and ties and it would be expected that there would be excess money available for corridor maintenance.
  • Retaining railroad materials for use in the train park and rail section. Certain switches, rails and ties can be transferred to the rail section to upgrade the track infrastructure.
  • There is also the possibility that contractor labor would be available for the El Dorado Western Railroad Association, to assist in rail repair and build out. The contractor would have heavy rail equipment on site and could also use this equipment and manpower to build in the train park.
  • Authentic signs, rail equipment, and rail cars could be obtained through trade or purchase to bring the train park close to usable as possible. This would help to relieve some operating and financial burden, that has been placed on train operations on the SPTC Corridor, as they are self funded.
  • Discussions of one or more bathrooms are possible. One for the train park and one further West.
  • The trail section could be graded and compacted with 2 or 3 inches of rock. This would leave the trail section in a sturdy, all weather condition that could be used by the majority of trail users.

Original Plan Submitted March 28th…